M-Gel Comfort Gel Skin Double Bunion Met Sleeve


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Foot Orthotics and arch supports
Orthotics are corrective insoles designed to give support and correct misalignment in the foot. Up until the mid 1990’s these devices were only available via a health professional (usually a podiatrist). They were generally made to measure and customised to each individual. Nowadays with the technological knowledge and materials available, these devices are readily available off the shelf. They are used by a wide variety of people for a wide variety of conditions and problems.

For some conditions a rigid custom made device isn’t necessary and foot correction and ankle realignment in most cases can be achieved with these semi firm insoles. Some insoles when bought over the counter in the chemist are so soft that the effects are very minimal and the device flattens very quickly. Our devices are very cost effective and durable. There is often no need to spend several hundreds of dollars for a device to be effective.

Orthotics and arch supports are very useful in the treatments of a wide variety of conditions: especially flat feet, heel pain, shin splints, plantar faciiitis and for the deflection of pressure which can cause corns, callouses and make the feet feet extremely sore. This deflection is especially important when it comes to the diabetic foot because any tissue breakdown can be fatal for the foot.


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