Bio advanced orthotic available in medium/low/high density


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Bio Advanced Orthotic

These are very popular and very cost effective off the shelf device.  It is available in ¾ length and full length.  Constructed from high quality EVA in 3 different densities.

Low Density

Ideal for older, arthritic or patients with an ‘At risk foot’ such as diabetes or the deformed arthritic foot.

Medium Density

This is ideal for the patient requiring moderate control and shock absorption.

High Density

These are ideal for the patient requiring maximum control due to high supination resistance, intense activity or excess weight.

The conditions which these devices can be used to treat are endless due to it’s adaptability.  Many people have problems because of restricted movement in the saggital plane.  This occurs most often at the ankle joint, due to tight calf muscles and in the 1st MPTJ due to a functional hallux limitus problem.


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